Manhattan was the heart of New York, and in many ways, it still is. Bustling with life and history, it constantly seeks to reinvent itself, for good or bad. But for me, it was clear since the beginning that I wouldn’t live there. Was it the traffic, the crowd, the constant constructions everywhere? Or was it something else, that makes people label their business as made in Brooklyn, not New York?

Anyway, when I first got here, catless, careless, with a nice long holiday ahead until duty called me back, I was a tourist for a while. In this short time I managed to see a little bit of Manhattan. Downtown really got me, but I started doubting with Midtown, and never made it Uptown. Since West Side story, things have changed… a lot. And continue to do so everyday. Here’s a snapshot of the City from 2013 – downtown – and midtown


What do you think about it?

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